Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll

The Barbie Cutie Reveal doll is a reveal doll without the mess of the paint reveals and comes with less blind bags to open which cuts down on the waste and has accessories that fit with the theme of the doll. Choose the doll you like and then have fun unboxing the accessories and trying out new outfit combinations on your new Barbie.

The Barbie Cutie Reveal doll comes in a few different options in the UK. A sloth which is the one shown in the image above, a Teddy Bear, a Bunny, llama or a Unicorn because who doesn’t like a unicorn toy right! I have also seen on other toy shops a puppy and a kitten so there are quite a few options available but if you want a specific doll then you would need to shop around as not all stores sell the same doll choices.

Each doll comes dressed in a plush style outfit in the design you hasve chosen and then has a set of themed accessories also in the box that you can unwrap and then use on the Barbie as a mix and match.

If you had more than one doll in the series you could then mix and match the outfits or make your own individual sytle outfits with some of your other Barbie Dolls accessories if you have any. The accessory assortment sets are cheaper to buy than getting a whole new doll.

Where to Buy

You can pick up your own Barbie Reveal Cutie doll from Amazon and from other retailers like Smyths Toys Superstores and The Entertainer. They are on sale for around £33.

Boppin, Shakin, Walking Animals – Musical Dancing Robotic Walk Along Llama Toy by Think Gizmos

Does your kid want a pet but you’re not ready for that kind of hassle yet? The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Llama from Think Gizmos may be just what you are looking for! Who doesn’t want a cute fluffy Llama as a pet??

Boppin,Shakin, Walking Llama

The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Plush Llama toy is a fluffy robot toy which has an impressive set of dance moves. These Llamas were certainly made for walking (and boppin and shakin). The Llama is the perfect companion for any child. It can be taken on walks, entered into dance competitions and make the whole family laugh. The best part is that it won’t spit on you like a real llama! The Llama is an absolutely adorable present to give to your little one – it will keep them so busy that they will forget all about their dreams for a real pet and the constant nagging could stop (or at least briefly!).

A Customer Review

“I bought the Llama toy from Think Gizmos as a birthday gift for my daughter. She is obsessed with llamas and alpacas, so this was the perfect gift for her! She loves taking it on walks, playing pretend farm with it and even dancing with it around the house! This is much better than having to buy a real llama and keeps her entertained for hours!!”

Where to Buy

Currently the Boppin, Shakin, Walking Llama toy is available on the Think Gizmos website or available from Amazon for £49.95 with free delivery. If Llamas aren’t your thing, never fear! Think Gizmos also have a Boppin, Shakin, Walking Dog which would be the perfect addition to any household!

TG916 Portable Table Top Dishwasher

Tired of looking at the full sink from your other flatmates? Sometimes “just soaking the dishes” lasts a week (if you’re lucky) or longer. Even when there is an empty sink, hand washing every item is such a chore. If you can relate to this, then the Think Gizmos Portable Dishwasher may be perfect for you. It’s compact, easy to move around and keeps your dishes clean.

What is it

The TG916 Portable Dishwasher from Think Gizmos is such a handy and efficient machine, perfect for any student who is fed up with hand washing or tired of not having a sink free. It will fit in your kitchen easily and doesn’t require any plumbing. Ideal for students who are renting.

The machine is super easy to use and can clean the toughest of dirt. The dishwasher can helps save time with its 5 wash cycles and 2 spinning water spray arms for a 360-degree complete cleaning process. After each wash cycle, the Portable Dishwasher will automatically enter the drying mode which lasts 60 minutes. This dishwasher can be left overnight too, so no worries if you fall asleep after putting it on! Once the drying mode in complete, the dishwasher will go into preserve mode, ventilating the dishwasher for 24 hours to avoid mildew build-up, damp, and gross smells.

Included in the dishwasher is also a basket which fits up to 3 place settings of tableware and cutlery. This is removal and helps to keep the dishwasher organised, allowing you to fit more within it.

Review from Amazon

“Fantastic little machine. Fits perfectly on the kitchen top unit in our static caravan! Beats washing up.”

Where can I buy

The Portable Washer is currently on the Think Gizmos website, Amazon and Ebay at just £249.99. They also sell portable washing machines which is so handy for a when having to put up with the washing machines at university. Look at their website if you’re interested in find out more about their portable products

TG910 – Portable Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycles

Going on a camping trip? Worried about your dirty clothes stinking up your RV whilst you’re on holiday? Never fear, Think Gizmos has the product for you – the portable washing machine! There is nothing worse than coming home with dirty laundry to do when you’re back from being away. Calm vibes from the holiday ruined! With the portable washing machine, you never have to deal with that again. With a weight of just 24lbs (11kg) it is perfect for your RV or taking in your car on camping trips.

The Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine from Think Gizmos is the ideal portable washing machine for people who don’t have access to or the space for a regular washing machine during their road trips.

The machine features both a wash and spin tub with capacity of 7.9lbs (3.6kg) for wash and 4.4lbs (2kg) for spin. All that is needed for the washing machine to work is access to water and a power plug. The best part is that it is so easy to use! Simply fill with water and washing powder and set it cleaning. It is an efficient little machine with a lot of power but surprisingly quiet.

Included in the box are the washing machine, water fill hose, Drainage Tube and fully translated manual (languages included English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

Review from Amazon

This washing machine arrived promptly the next day. I’ve bought it to use in my static caravan, so I tested it at home beforehand. I only put a few clothes in, and it washed them fine and was easy to use. I was surprised at how efficient the spin dryer is, just the same as my normal washing machine. The machine is fairly lightweight and was easy for me to move”

Where can I buy

Currently the Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine is available on Amazon and Ebay at $219.95. Think Gizmos don’t stop there though! There are even more portable products to use in your RV and for camping trips. One I particularly like is portable dishwasher. Check out their website at if you want to see what is available.


Looking for a new bedside clock? We have you covered.
With its contemporary design and choice of either white or black finish, the TG644 Projection Clock by Think Gizmos is the perfect side table accessory.

It is powered by a USB lead that plugs directly into a phone charger and from there your phone can plug into the side of the clock using its charge cable, saving space on your wall outlets whilst not having to use any ugly adaptors.
No outlet near? No problem! The TG644 can use two AAA batteries to maintain power in a range of different scenarios, for example:  Camping, Traveling, power cuts, zombie apocalypse. The possibilities are never-ending!

If you are anything like me then the addition of a second alarm feature is more than worth its weight in gold, giving you the ability to set one to go off slightly later and avoid laying in too long! And for those cold winter mornings when there is ice on the inside of your windows, The TG644 displays a thermometer, awesome to help you mentally prepare yourself for leaving the warmth of the duvet to start your day.

This sleek unit is also able to project the time onto most surfaces using its built in rotatable projector, which if turned off can be activated at the touch of a button, making it easy to see at night when you are half asleep and wondering how early you have decided to open your eyes.
The display is also large and bright, so for those of us who use glasses, we won’t have to scrabble around in almost darkness to find our eyes before being able to tell the time.

You can purchase this clock on Amazon for £24.95. It comes with all the leads required, and a choice of either black or white finishes.

Think Gizmos TG706

Whether you have a budding doctor in your family, or if you you’re looking for an affordable way for a child to learn in a more enjoyable way then the Interactive my body learning posters from Think Gizmos would be perfect for you to pick up.

What is it? The interactive posters consist of four different posters that show the body, muscles, organs and bones on different posters, each one describes how each part of the body functions and will give fun facts as well! If you’re up for a challenge after learning the posters provide multiple interactive quizzes with different difficulty levels. These posters can be used as a classroom aid or for learning at home and can even be mounted on walls.

What’s included? Containing 4 different types of posters that together cover all your child would want to know about the human body. Each one is a different colour so can be easy told apart from just a look. The box also contains all the batteries needed to get learning and playing right away!

Personal Review of the product: This product was used in a playgroup (aged 2-4), and although not in the age range these children loved the interactive side of the toy. Even younger than the recommended age this product was hopefully helping to inspire the future generation of children to be excited about learning and exploring new things.

Where can I buy this? This product is available in all the usual places such as Amazon and Ebay. It can also be found on Onbuy and can be purchased from the Think Gizmos website at an extremely affordable cost of £9.95with free delivery.

Future Toys: Balance Master Robot

The Handy Remote Control Balance Master Automatic Robot from ThinkGizmos is a superb addition to your RC toys and games. It could be found on Amazon here.

The Balance Master Robot features a ground breaking self-balancing gyro system which permits the Balance Robot to perform easily on two wheels without slipping over.

Contained in the packaging is everything needed to benefit from the Balance Robot including batteries and a 2.4 GHz remote control meaning that therefore multiple Robots can be utilised in the same room at exactly the same time as both hook up to an individual remote.

The Balance Robot itself has 5 different operating methods. Dancing Function, Boxing Function, Loading Function, Driving Function and Gesture Function. You’ll be able to make an impression on your friends with the brilliant Gesture Mode since you can control the automatic robot just with specific palm movements.

Aswell as this futuristic Black and Silver version a Black and Red Balance Master Robot can be found by searching Amazon for ‘Balance Robot ThinkGizmos‘.

Find out more about Two Wheeled Balance Robots here:

For all the realistic graphics and gameplay, first person shooters still lack the ability to reach beyond the screen and physically involve the player. Sure there is “force feedback” and vibrating control pads, but it’s all a little bit tame when compared to the mayhem and bloodshed shown onscreen. However the 3rd Space Gaming Vests immerse the player is an incredibly realistic way. Because built into each vest are eight impact cells which replicate the violence onscreen, allowing you to feel every blow, punch or shot. If your character takes a stray shotgun round, you can expect a thumping blow from the vest to match. Like being hit by a 10 pound deadweight in fact. If ever there was an incentive to avoid being shot, the 3rd Space Gaming Vest provides it. Dependent on the on-screen action, the Gaming Vest delivers differing levels of impact and pressure to give a genuine “feel” for the game, from handshakes, shoulder thumps, punches and other physical interactions. The Gaming Vest looks just like those worn by special forces (there’s a choice of black or camouflage print depending on your stylistics sensibilities), with pockets, straps, zips and clips for ultimate realism and adjustment for a snug fit. There is also a soft fleece inner lining to keep you comfortable as you frag the enemy (although that’s just between you and us of course!). The Gaming Vest connects to your PC by USB and with the installation of the 3rd Space Driver allows for true interaction with your games including Halflife 2, Call of Duty 4, Medal of Honor Airborne, Quake 4 and Doom 3 among others (new titles are being added all the time).


Toys and Gifts: Dinosaur Triceratops and Fly Eye LED Torch

Everyone has always wanted a pet dinosaur at one time or another, well now it’s possible with the Walking Toy Dinosaur Triceratops from ThinkGizmos. Find it online here:

The awesome looking Triceratops Dinosaur will walk around roaring as you imagine a dinosaur would. It also features added flashing lights on its horns for added fun.

This cool, fun and innovative Dinosaur Triceratops is an ideal toy for children aged 3+. It is made from non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic which is of high quality and durable so should last to be enjoyed for a long time.

As an added extra to aid in learning, in the manual is an information sheet providing fun facts about Triceratops Dinosaurs.

However if you would like to learn more, more information can be found here.

Have you ever found yourself walking through the woods late at night, trusty flashlight showing you the path, but finding the whole experience somewhat ‘dark’? The beam cast by your torch is well, narrow and beam-like? Can’t see what horror is lurking behind that tree off to the right? What if you could flood the whole area in front of you, to the left and right of the path in front? Well step forward the Fly Eye LED torch. Apparently ,inspired by nature the Fly Eye uses 7 super-bright LEDs surrounded by their own magnifying lens to spread light far further than a conventional filament bulb could ever dream of. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Fly Eye is capable of delivering a staggering 210 lumens of brightness from it’s compact little body. LED technology is incredibly power-efficient, but to maximise battery life you can switch from full power mode to ‘long lasting’ power mode when in slightly less demanding conditions (like when there is a full moon!). The Fly Eye comes in it’s own nifty little canvas carry pouch so you can add it to the array of handy tools attached to your Bat Utility belt. And the bundled flexible tripod allow the torch to be used as a super-bright table lamp (handy for interrogating suspects on the fly?) or by wrapping the legs around objects, suspended from tent poles, trees and tables. Made from solid, lightweight metal in a sleek black finish, the True Utility Fly Eye has been constructed to survive knocks and drops whilst out and about, becoming another useful addition to your collection of survival tools. Or manly geek toys.