Learnings never been so fun with the Scratch Map and Friction Truck Set.


There is something fascinating about maps and something compulsive about scratch cards (just ask Camelot). And if you combine the two, you get one of the best boasting tools we’ve ever seen. Because this world map has a funky gold foil covering every single country. The idea is that when you get home from holiday, you scratch off the foil covering that country to reveal extra colour and detail and making it blatantly obvious that you have been there. Next time you pop over to Calais, you can scratch off the gold foil covering France, revealing a vibrant and distinctive green. Returning from a trip to Cancun? Mexico shows up as a lovely royal blue. As for the other countries, you will have to visit and find out for yourself! The incentive is that the more you travel, the more of the map you can reveal. Then when your friends come to visit, it is easy to show just how well travelled you are. The smug face is up to you. Unfortunately, if you are to complete the whole map, you may well need to spend quite a bit of cash (so maybe scratch cards can help?). The poster comes supplied in a protective tube, which can be used for storage in the event you don’t want to leave the poster on display permanently. And if you’re not the travelling type, the Scratch Map makes a perfect gift for your globe-trotting friends.

Once all the countries of the world have been learnt its play time. The set of 3 Friction Toys are the ideal learning toys for children 18 months + and can be purchased direct from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Set-Friction-Toys-Harvester-ThinkGizmos/dp/B01M0QAZP4.

The friction truck set includes 3 models, a Cement Mixer, Street Sweeper and Harvester Truck. Each of the trucks have moving parts which turn as the truck move forward.

The friction toys are the perfect toy for not only fun but developing hand eye coordination and concentration. All you need to do is push them forward and the friction will keep them moving.

If these are a little small there are larger friction trucks available from this range for bigger kids. Check them out here.

Whilst playing you can also teach children how Friction Toys work with the information found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friction_motor

Die besten Eiswürfelmaschinen für Zuhause


Die besten Eiswürfelmaschinen

Haben Sie schon einmal einen lauwarmen Milchshake oder ein Glas Cola getrunken, ohne diese Getränke zuvor gekühlt zu haben oder Eiswürfel in sie gegeben zu haben?

Die besten Eiswürfelmaschinen @Amazon+ http://www.amazon.de/Eiswürfelmaschine-Eismaschine-Arbeitsplatte-Wasseranschluss-erforderlich/dp/B003V00ZA6

Vermutlich nicht, da diese Getränke in ungekühlter Form beinahe ungenießbar sind. Mit einer Eiswürfelmaschine für die Arbeitsplatte können Sie nun immer frische Getränke genießen.


Doch worauf sollten Sie bei der Anschaffung eines Eiswürfelbereiters achten? Es gibt viele Geräte auf dem Markt und deren Leistung kann sehr unterschiedlich sein. Zunächst sollten Sie sich die Frage stellen, wie oft Sie Ihre Eiswürfelmaschine für die Arbeitsplatte verwenden werden. Einige Geräte sind derart leistungsstark, dass Sie mühelos stundenlang Eiswürfel wie am Fließband produzieren können. Diese Geräte können sogar kommerziell, wie für eine kleine Bar verwendet werden. Es gibt auch Unterschiede in der Geschwindigkeit, mit der Eiswürfel hergestellt werden.

Eiswürfelmaschine, Eiswürfelbereiter: Erfahrungswerte? http://www.cocktaillounge.at/forum/phpBB2/ftopic357.html

Es dauert ca. 6-20 Minuten, bis die ersten Eiswürfel fertig sind. Obwohl die Dauer auch von der Umgebungstemperatur abhängig ist, spielt die Leistung der Maschine eine große Rolle. Lesen Sie zu diesem Zweck die Produktbewertungen verschiedener Geräte, um mehr über sie zu erfahren.


  • Online können Sie auch Vergleichstests der besten Maschinen finden. In diesen Tests können Sie auch mehr darüber erfahren, wie schwer es ist, diese Geräte zu reinigen.
  • Die Reinigung einiger größerer Eiswürfelbereiter kann unter Umständen äußerst mühselig sein. An dieser Stelle ein kleiner Tipp: Achten Sie darauf, dass der Wasserabfluss günstig gelegen ist. Dies kann Ihnen viel Arbeit sparen. Beachten Sie auch immer die Wartungshinweise des Herstellers.
  • Legen Sie auch Wert darauf, dass eine Eiswürfelmaschine Eiswürfel in verschiedenen Größen herstellen kann? Einige Maschinen können bis zu vier verschiedene Größen produzieren, wobei die kleinsten Eiswürfel im Rekordtempo fertig sind.

Wenn Sie nur mit dem besten Gerät zufrieden sind, dann informieren Sie sich im Vorhinein, wenn Sie eine Eismaschine für die Arbeitsplatte kaufen, um sich vor bösen Überraschungen zu schützen.

For French speakers – machine à glaçons automatique: http://www.amazon.fr/Machine-glaçons-travail-plomberie-Rendement/dp/B003V00ZA6


A necklace with a difference

This necklace is a little different. It is silver plated and looks pretty but when you move the pendent it makes a noise. Designed to help calm in busy lifestyles, the idea is you shake the pebble to emit the sound and listen to it before carrying on your day.

Like that you can choose one of 3 different words and apparently each chime makes a different sound as they are individually handmade.

Now who to buy it for?? Me!!

She will be touched by the thought behind this stunning chime pebble necklace. Each of these handmade pebbles carries their own individual chime for each unique necklace bearer. Each special chime pebble comes on a beautiful silver plated chain. When she’s having a hectic or stressful day all she need do is close her eyes and shake the pebble to emit the sound of the chime, and she can pause for a moment and allow herself to drift away, escaping from the day to day hustle and bustle for few moments.

The necklace comes in three different varieties: you can choose from either a ‘Love’ pebble, a ‘Peace’ pebble or a ‘Happiness’ pebble necklace for her – whatever you want to bring more of into her life will be perfect.

Remember to choose which variety you want from the drop down menu.


Length: 2.3 cm

Width: 1.6 cm

Chain Length: 45 cm”


Wash Bag, we all need one

Came across this bag online.

It has a real retro feel to it and would be tempted as a present idea. However looking further down the post  it said it was made from Linen and also added to this it is white in colour so most probably very impractical as a wash bag. I can’t see it staying looking nice for very long! Will keep looking!


This Army and Navy Toiletries bag is perfect for the military man to keep his grooming essentials in! He’ll love this stylish bag, perfectly sized to store all his toiletries in. This natural linen bag has the image of a vintage sporting ticket embroidered onto it, giving a real retro look.

Waterproof lined.

Toiletries Bag

Stuck on a gift for those who like gardening?

Stuck for a present idea for a keen gardener then look no further than this funky watering can.

It wouldn’t work well in my garden as it is mostly long grass so no doubt I would have trouble finding it once I had put it down!

For those that take pride in their garden however this is a really neat idea for a present and it looks like it would water hanging baskets and pots a treat.

Bring a wild dash of colour to your daily watering routine with this eye-catching grass and daisy feature watering can.

A terrific gift with individuality and garden-chic!

Capacity: 5 litres.

Dimensions: 48 X 20 X 29 cms

Looking for your bottle opener? Then the Wallet Tool – Bottle Opener is for you.

If you are like me and a bit rubbish at remembering where you left the bottle opener, then this wallet bottle opener is def a thing you would want. Easily resides in your wallet for easy storage and transportation.

Wallet Tool – Bottle Opener Description

Stay cool and sophisticated with the Bottle Opener Wallet Tool.

No longer will you have to attempt to open your beer with your teeth or the edge of the table whilst endeavouring to keep your dignity!

The Bottle Opener fits snugly in your wallet along with your other cards and is lightweight and credit card size. 

Plus it looks super stylish with a stainless steel finish. You will wonder how you managed without one!

Wallet bottle opener
Wallet bottle opener

Is having a Giant Beer Glass making binge drinking easier?

Having one pint of beer at a time can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Why have one when you can have two, now this is possible with the Giant Beer Glass.
down in one

Scott accepted the challenge!

Even for glass-half-empty types, the Giant Beer Glass is a cheery, beery wonder. Holding up to two and a half pints of the golden stuff – or milk, if you’ve got a cookie big enough – it’s impossible not to marvel at its ridiculous proportions. The perfect gift for footie fans, movie buffs or anyone who simply can’t face another walk to the fridge.


Novelty You’re My Cup of Tea Mug, too much?

We all like novelty mugs, but are we going to far with this craze? This your my cup of tea mug certainly hits the right notes for telling someone you care.


A clever and unique way to tell someone how you really feel about them…

This mug comes with the message:

"You’re my cup of tea"

This gift is a playful way to make him feel loved every time he sees it.


Weight: 300g
Height: 9.4cm
Width (including handle): 11.8cm