Boppin, Shakin, Walking Animals – Musical Dancing Robotic Walk Along Llama Toy by Think Gizmos

Does your kid want a pet but you’re not ready for that kind of hassle yet? The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Llama from Think Gizmos may be just what you are looking for! Who doesn’t want a cute fluffy Llama as a pet??

Boppin,Shakin, Walking Llama

The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Plush Llama toy is a fluffy robot toy which has an impressive set of dance moves. These Llamas were certainly made for walking (and boppin and shakin). The Llama is the perfect companion for any child. It can be taken on walks, entered into dance competitions and make the whole family laugh. The best part is that it won’t spit on you like a real llama! The Llama is an absolutely adorable present to give to your little one – it will keep them so busy that they will forget all about their dreams for a real pet and the constant nagging could stop (or at least briefly!).

A Customer Review

“I bought the Llama toy from Think Gizmos as a birthday gift for my daughter. She is obsessed with llamas and alpacas, so this was the perfect gift for her! She loves taking it on walks, playing pretend farm with it and even dancing with it around the house! This is much better than having to buy a real llama and keeps her entertained for hours!!”

Where to Buy

Currently the Boppin, Shakin, Walking Llama toy is available on the Think Gizmos website or available from Amazon for £49.95 with free delivery. If Llamas aren’t your thing, never fear! Think Gizmos also have a Boppin, Shakin, Walking Dog which would be the perfect addition to any household!