TG916 Portable Table Top Dishwasher

Tired of looking at the full sink from your other flatmates? Sometimes “just soaking the dishes” lasts a week (if you’re lucky) or longer. Even when there is an empty sink, hand washing every item is such a chore. If you can relate to this, then the Think Gizmos Portable Dishwasher may be perfect for you. It’s compact, easy to move around and keeps your dishes clean.

What is it

The TG916 Portable Dishwasher from Think Gizmos is such a handy and efficient machine, perfect for any student who is fed up with hand washing or tired of not having a sink free. It will fit in your kitchen easily and doesn’t require any plumbing. Ideal for students who are renting.

The machine is super easy to use and can clean the toughest of dirt. The dishwasher can helps save time with its 5 wash cycles and 2 spinning water spray arms for a 360-degree complete cleaning process. After each wash cycle, the Portable Dishwasher will automatically enter the drying mode which lasts 60 minutes. This dishwasher can be left overnight too, so no worries if you fall asleep after putting it on! Once the drying mode in complete, the dishwasher will go into preserve mode, ventilating the dishwasher for 24 hours to avoid mildew build-up, damp, and gross smells.

Included in the dishwasher is also a basket which fits up to 3 place settings of tableware and cutlery. This is removal and helps to keep the dishwasher organised, allowing you to fit more within it.

Review from Amazon

“Fantastic little machine. Fits perfectly on the kitchen top unit in our static caravan! Beats washing up.”

Where can I buy

The Portable Washer is currently on the Think Gizmos website, Amazon and Ebay at just £249.99. They also sell portable washing machines which is so handy for a when having to put up with the washing machines at university. Look at their website if you’re interested in find out more about their portable products

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