Think Gizmos TG706

Whether you have a budding doctor in your family, or if you you’re looking for an affordable way for a child to learn in a more enjoyable way then the Interactive my body learning posters from Think Gizmos would be perfect for you to pick up.

What is it? The interactive posters consist of four different posters that show the body, muscles, organs and bones on different posters, each one describes how each part of the body functions and will give fun facts as well! If you’re up for a challenge after learning the posters provide multiple interactive quizzes with different difficulty levels. These posters can be used as a classroom aid or for learning at home and can even be mounted on walls.

What’s included? Containing 4 different types of posters that together cover all your child would want to know about the human body. Each one is a different colour so can be easy told apart from just a look. The box also contains all the batteries needed to get learning and playing right away!

Personal Review of the product: This product was used in a playgroup (aged 2-4), and although not in the age range these children loved the interactive side of the toy. Even younger than the recommended age this product was hopefully helping to inspire the future generation of children to be excited about learning and exploring new things.

Where can I buy this? This product is available in all the usual places such as Amazon and Ebay. It can also be found on Onbuy and can be purchased from the Think Gizmos website at an extremely affordable cost of £9.95with free delivery.

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